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Our Lady of the Angels RC Primary School

Working together, playing together, praying togetherCyd weithio, cyd chwarae, cyd weddio

Our Learning this week

It has been a very busy week in Year 2 and we have worked really hard in all areas of our learning. The children have all embraced and are enjoying our topic Towers, Tunnels and Turrets. We have an exciting role play area in the class, The Great Hall, which the children have started to use.

In literacy we have been using facial expression to show feelings and have used these to create some fantastic sentences using the adjective, same adjective method. We have also been using adjectives to create powerful sentences to describe pictures from our class text, The Wolves in the Walls.

In numeracy, we have been practising our two times table. We have also been adding 9 and 11 to a 2-digit number, by adding the ten and correcting up and down, as well as adding two 2-digit numbers together. The whole class worked really hard at these numeracy skills- Gwaith gret!

Our topic work focused on medieval foods and the class completed some research on the types of foods that would have been eaten at a banquet, comparing what was eaten then to modern foods. They also found out that there was no cutlery and that they used their hands to eat delicacies such as stag preserved in salt and large meat and egg pies!

In RE we have been learning about the Bible and how it is a special book for Christians. The children retold their favourite Bible stories, describing why they like these stories. Daniel and the Lions and Noah's Ark seemed to be particular favourites!

In Welsh we wrote character descriptions of our favourite book characters, describing appearance, likes and feelings.

Well done Year 2 for your hard work this week!