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Our Lady of the Angels RC Primary School

Working together, playing together, praying togetherCyd weithio, cyd chwarae, cyd weddio

Cycling Proficiency

Cycle proficiency training is held for Year 6 pupils in the summer term, usually takes two weeks and is led by Mr Kavanagh.


For your child to gain most benefit from the course it is important that you, the parent or guardian, give your full support and are aware of the following:


  • If your child rides a bicycle in any public place the law regards it as a vehicle under the Road Traffic Act and as such it must be road worthy and the correct size for your child.  In addition, if it is ridden at night or in poor light it must have lights.  Use the checklist to ensure that your child’s bicycle is safe to ride.


  • The training will take place off-road by a trained volunteer and will help your child gain an understanding of their responsibilities as a road user in charge of a vehicle.  It will help your child avoid dangerous situations but cannot guarantee their safety on the road.


  • Over half of all cyclist casualties have head injuries.  We strongly recommend that your child wear a correctly fitted helmet whenever he/she rides a bicycle.  A helmet will be compulsory for the proficiency test. 


  • Once your child has begun the course, your written authority will be required for him/her to cease training.


  • Photographs may be taken during the course for training and publicity purposes. 

Bicycle Checklist

Cycle Smart Booklet

Tales of the Road