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Our Lady of the Angels RC Primary School

Working together, playing together, praying togetherCyd weithio, cyd chwarae, cyd weddio

Our Lady of the Angels RC Nursery Admissions Policy 2024.25

Our Lady of the Angels RC Primary School was founded by and is part of the Catholic Church.  It is a Voluntary Aided Nursery in the Diocese of Cardiff and is maintained by Torfaen Local Authority. It serves the Roman Catholic community of Our Lady and St David’s Parish. The Governing Body of Our Lady of the Angels RC Primary School is the Admissions authority for this school/nursery.


Children are admitted to our nursery unit from the beginning of the term following a child's third birthday. (Autumn Term is 1st September - 31st December, Spring Term is 1st January - 31st March, Summer Term is 1st April - 31st August).


The closing date for all nursery applications is Friday, 21st July 2023.



Children who attend Our Lady of the Angels Nursery do not have an automatic right to a place in Our Lady of the Angels RC Primary School. A separate application must be made.


Should the number of applicants be fewer than, or equal to, the admission number all applicants will be admitted without reference to the over-subscription criteria. Should there be more applications than places available, the following Over-Subscription Criteria will apply



  1. Children Baptised into the Roman Catholic Faith and reside in the parish of Our Lady and St David’s Parish, Cwmbran
  2. Other Baptised Roman Catholic children
  3. Children of other Christian denominations whose parents have demonstrated a wish for a Catholic education
  4. Children of other Faith traditions whose parents have demonstrated a wish for a Catholic education
  5. Children for whom application is made in special circumstances may be admitted at the Governors’ discretion. Each application must be accompanied by a letter from the appropriate professional person.  Please supply full details concerning applications.  The Governors will treat all information as confidential. Special circumstances include medical and social reasons.
  6. Any other children




Where the number of applicants for admission exceeds the admission number, places will be awarded to applicants in the under mentioned categories in the following ranked order.

  • Looked after children and previously looked after children will be given highest priority.
  • Siblings will be given second highest priority.

Siblings are: Brothers and sisters, whether half, full, step or adopted or fostered will be considered relevant where living in the same household and where an older child will still be registered at the school when the younger one will be eligible to attend.

  • Multiple births

Where a family of twins or triplets request admission and if one sibling has been offered the last place the ‘excepted pupil’ rule comes in and the other twins/triplets are offered a place.




Applications from children who are to be considered under criteria 1 and 2 above are asked to provide evidence of Baptism or reception into the Roman Catholic Church.


Applications from children to be considered under criteria 3 and 4 are asked to provide a letter of support from their Minister or Faith Leader. The supporting letter must show participation in the faith of which the minister/faith leader is giving advice.


For Christian applicants a Baptismal Certificate should be provided wherever possible.



Professional supporting evidence from e.g. a doctor, psychologist, social worker, is essential if admission is to be made under the criterion 5; ‘special circumstances’. Evidence must set out the particular reasons why the school in question is the most suitable school and the difficulties which would be caused if the child had to attend another school.


After taking into account the above categories, priority will be based on the closeness to the school measured by the nearest available walking route from the front school gate on Victoria Street to the pupil’s front door. Measurement will be undertaken using Torfaen Local Authority Digital Information Mapping System. 


Waiting List

Where we have more applications than places, the admissions criteria will be used. Children who are not admitted will have their name placed on a waiting list.  The names on this waiting list will be in the order resulting from the application of the admissions criteria.  Since the date of application cannot be a criterion for the order of names on the waiting list, late applicants for the school will be slotted into the order according to the extent to which they meet the criteria.  Thus it is possible that a child who moves into the area later to have a higher priority than one who has been on the waiting list for some time.  If a place becomes available within the admission number, the child whose name is at the top of the list will be offered a place.  This is not dependent on whether an appeal has been submitted. This waiting list will operate until the end of the school year for which the application was made.


Parents have a statutory right of appeal against the non-admission of a child to the school. This will be heard by an Independent Appeals Panel, in which the Governing Body and Headteacher play no role.  Details of the appeals process will be made available to parents when they are notified of a refusal of a place (or if they request such information from the governing body).