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Our Lady of the Angels RC Primary School

Working together, playing together, praying togetherCyd weithio, cyd chwarae, cyd weddio

Eco - Update


We have all been working hard as a community to make greener choices. All of the work we have done is going to be presented as evidence to gain our next Green Flag which is the Platinum Award. We would like to present to you all of the great projects we have done and what we have managed to achieve.
At our last assessment we had 6 areas identified that we needed to develop: Litter, Waste Minimisation, Healthy Living, Transport, Water and Energy.
Here is what we achieved in these areas.
LITTER - IMPACT - 55 less pieces of rubbish blowing around our playground every week that`s enough to cover 2 school tables!

WASTE MINIMISATION- IMPACT - Through electronic newsletters in one year the school saved enough sheets of A4 paper to go up Cwmbran Tower 38 times!!!!

HEALTHY LIVING - IMPACT - Implementing the daily " Wake - up Shake -up" fitness programme 70% more Foundation Phase children say they enjoy exercise at school.

TRANSPORT - IMPACT - Through celebrating " Walk To School Week " our school reduced our CO2 emission by 651kg which is a potential massive 5,208KG a year.

WATER - IMPACT - Modifying how the toothbrushes were collected and washed in one week we saved 21 litres of wasted water which is 840 litres a year - that`s enough water to flush the toilet 140 times.

Here are some pictures of us at work.